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I heard tis n my smile dropped whn I was j listen to bts run on my phone my hubby taetae I hope he is ok n I also hope suga is ok to I hope thy recover really fast bts wouldn't be the same on stage wthout these 2
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im crying 😭😭
@GDsGF I cried too...but it's a good thing that BigHit is showing that they really do care about V and Suga. I mean what with all the "managers abusing bts" rumors going around.....
I hope they get plenty of rest 😢😢😳😳
@ToppDogg i know right bighit proved that they are a good company like that & same ❤️
@GDsGF @ToppDogg I'm glad their in bighit bc the ceo knows how to take care of thm unlike some other company