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I was going to be living with BTS, in their dorm. But why? This just does not add up. I'm a random foreigner who just happened to be at the airport at the same time, and just happened to have a suitcase that was way too heavy. I blame the suitcase for this. Because it couldn't get its act together and lose some weight, I was stuck in a car with seven very attractive Korean men. "You look like you are trying to scold the air," a voice said beside me. I looked over to see Jungkook staring at me with an amused face. "Well maybe I am. It has not been very good today so I need to scold it." I haven't taken my meds have I? They are in my suitcase, which is currently in Never Land. Well I'm not sure where they are. I quickly turned away from Jungkook to not allow any more embarrassing things to come out of my mouth. "Aish, no need to get so snappy. I was just trying to make you smile." I looked up at him to see he wasn't staring at me anymore, but at his fidgety hands in his lap. "You've looked miserable ever since Namjoon said you were going to live with us. Are we that bad Noona?" Look what you did Pais. You made the little maknae think that you don't like them. "No you guys aren't bad at all," I said glancing at the sleeping Taehyung next to me. "I just didn't know how to react because it all happened so quickly, and it is such a big change. Plus you guys are kinda famous. Like at least a little bit, you know? I would be lying if I said I didn't know who you guys were. I'm a big fan of your music." I sighed. probably not the best thing to tell them. They'll probably think I'm like those screaming girls. "Really? I honestly had no idea." He was laughing at me. Full on rolling on the floor, laughing at me. "We thought you didn't have a clue as to who we were, and just went along with coming with us!" The other guys who weren't asleep looked back at us. "Park Jimin knows that I know who he is. I said his name when I first met him," I stated pointing at the now fidgeting Jimin in front of us. The guys all snapped their gaze towards the not so innocent member. "Ah yeah, I remember that now. Hey guys she does know who we are!" He quickly faced forward in his seat and feigned sleep to escape the gazes of his members. "No shit she knows who we are." I looked down at a woken Taehyung who was staring at me with one eye closed. "It's not very common for a young white girl who moved to South Korea to not know at least some K-pop." I flicked his nose. "Aish! what was that for!" "Every time you cuss, I'll flick your nose." I turned to face the rest of the members. "Yes I know who you guys are. You are the K-pop group BTS, or Bangtan Boys, or Bulletproof Boy Scouts whichever you desire. And you make some pretty darn good music if you ask me." "So then who is your bias," Jimin said returning to the conversation after he learned that Taehyung was also guilty of hiding my knowledge of the group. "First of all, I wouldn't tell you if I had one, and second I'm not even going to tell you if I do." "Well that's no fun," Tae whined "I have more fun in the tip of my pinky than you do in your whole body." We both knew it was just a joke, but we were glaring daggers at each other.
"I think it's Tae." My head snapped towards Jin who was reclined back in the front seat of the car wearing a pink sleeping mask over his eyes. He slid it off his eyes before staring straight at me. "She's sitting next to him isn't she? She had the choice to sit next to anyone." The members quickly turned their gaze to me and Tae in the back of the car. "But she's also sitting next to Jungkook," Jimin said pointing at the maknae. "But Tae got in first. Jungkook is the one who sat next to her," Jin pointed out. Why was he so dang perspective? "I don't have a bias!" "You sure were shy when I first met you. You couldn't even remember how to speak Korean." WHAT THE HECK TAE. I gave him the sharpest glare I thought was possible, and watched him slowly sink into the seat. "See there. First she was really shy when she met him and now she's mad that he just told us all that." Freaking Seokjin. "How do you know I wouldn't have been shy with the rest of you. I mean your famous Korean idols. It's not every day a nobody like me gets to meet idols." There that ought to stump them "You definitely weren't shy when you met Jimin," Hoseok said holding in a laugh. That frickin horse. I saw Jin smirk out of the corner of my eyes, and decided to give up. I stuck my headphones on my ears and turned the volume up to max. I wasn't about to argue with a bunch of pretty boys. But one boy stuck in my mind. That dang Taehyung. Yes he was my bias, and has been since I became interested in the group. He was also currently the only member still staring at me. "What..." I said quietly sliding the speaker off the ear closest to him. "Do you really not have a bias?" He looked a little hurt and I felt a pang in my heart. "Why do you guys care anyways. Besides, there's no way I'll be allowed to stay with you guys. My parents would never allow me to stay in dorm full of guys. So once I find somewhere else to stay you won't ever see me again" This was actually true. I've never had a boyfriend because of how protective they are. My anti-socialness could have something to do with it's well, but my parents definitely never let me date. "Oh about that. We contacted your parents and that supposed friend of your teacher. They said it was fine." "You what?!" Everyone was looking at me now. "How did you even get into my phone?!" "Your password is your name. Not very hard to crack," Namjoon smirked. All right know-it-all, I'll just change it to my birthday and see you try and figure that out. "I wouldn't suggest using your birthday either. May 21, 1995?" I gave him a look of utter disbelief. "Your passport fell out of your bag," he said handing it to me. I snatched it out of his hand and quickly shoved it back into my backpack, making certain is was completely zipped. This had to be the longest car ride ever.
"Back to my question," Taehyung whispered after everyone went back to what they were doing before my outburst. "Do you have a bias or not?" I feel like I can't lie to that innocent face of his. I know deep down it's not really innocent though. "I do, but don't think I'm going to tell you who it is. I don't have any interest in a boyfriend until I get settled into my new home. I just moved to a new country, so it's gonna take some getting used to. And don't get your hopes up thinking it's you, because it very well may not be." He nodded seeming to understand. He closed his and leaned his head on my shoulder. His deep voice thundered through my ear. "But that doesn't mean I can't make you fall for me." Chapter 3 Like I promised heres chapter 2! I have no idea when I'll update, like I said winter break kinda screws up my schedule, but it will be soon since I have oodles and oodles of time! Hope you guys liked it! Sorry it kinda drags on in the beginning, but I have to set up her relationship with all the guys first before I really get the story moving. Next chapter should be a little more exciting.
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