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Wooh!! Day 3.....aigoo these things are getting difficult....but as promised here is the next one
3) Would you rather fight Jungkook or Suga? Frankly, I wouldn't fight any of them because I would either ways land in the hospital....I'm weak okay?? I only got one day of karate experience in me.... But I have to choose one..... Let's see Kookie has a natural competitive side so I know that he would not back down (taking away the fact that they would never hit a girl) and will do ANYTHING to win... While Suga is pretty violent with members (when they bother him) and as we saw in the Run mv he packs a punch..... So who to choose....the competitive Kookie or the violent Suga? I would go with Suga sure the first few minutes I would be messed up badly but we all know that he gets tired pretty fast so there could be a chance where I would come out alive.....there ya go!
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Suga cuz he'll probably get tired half way and that makes me the winner heehee @krin @CreeTheOtaku @GDsGF
Fight Suga then settle it by a nap
and if I fight kookie the only fight will be is a pillow fight
good idea @CreeTheOtaku
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