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K Project: King Appreciation

After a comment on my other post, I realized i didn't show the kings much. I felt they deserved their own cards. So, why not do that? First, we have the Silver clan with their king, Yashiro Isana or "Shiro". Who doesn't like the fact that they can manipulate gravity?
Here we have the Gold King. He may not be there anymore but he was still cool. From how he watched over Shiro all this time to just being able to use space/planet related attacks, I'm sure it's hard to forget him. (Somewhat)
Thirdly, we have HOMRA or the Red Clan. Mikoto Suoh was pretty cool with his attitude but he never failed to watch out for his friends/clansmen when possible. *Spoiler warning* Anna still has room to grow but just so far, I can see that she clearly has potential as a king. I can't wait to watch as she grows through time.
Scepter 4's Reisi Munakata on the other hand is more laid back but strict. Also, he can use ice. I love the fire vs. ice thing so he's become one of my favorite kings. (Aside from Red and Silver clans' kings)
Last but not least (that I could get good pictures for), we have Nagare Hisui. He's known as the Green King, or Jungle's leader. Him and his clan can use electricity and also can go through walls. I'm sure we can all debate on our hatred/dislike for this guys' next in line, Yukari.
Not very good descriptions but I'm curious to see which king is most liked or hated. It also includes the clans not listed, like the colorless and gray clans.
Shiro and Mikoto are my favourite and my least favourite is the colorless king for obvious reasons.... MIKOTOOOO
I am the new Colorless King. >:c All will love and fear me.
thank you
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