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SJ: Of course I have! It’s so beautiful! :’) NJ: You’re beautiful. SJ: Namjoon please not now *blush* :3
NJ: I dunno, I haven’t really had time to think about it because of the concert. Well, it’s obviously going to be something PINK or FOOD. NJ: Yeah… I think I got it down pat :P
NJ: Don’t worry, it’s just one of those phases I’m hav- SJ: NAMJOONAH YOU OK?? DDDDD; NJ: I’m fine hyung please don’t worry. We have our concert soon I don’t want you getting any more stressed ^^ SJ: HOW CAN I NOT WORRY ABOUT MY BOYFRIEND HUH D<
NJ: Really? Do I have to be compared to this cute little grasshopper? It’s clear that I’m much, much better. SJ: Namjoonah join me! :D HWAR! HOH! HYAH! NJ: Pls stop you’re killing meTT I definitely dance better than you hyung.
SJ: Honestly? It compels me to love Namjoon more than I should. NJ: I personally don’t mind because I know it’s not true, but hyung gets a little upset, even jealous sometimes. Aaaand he can overeact.. SJ: Shut up, I love you. NJ: Okay me too :) This story is not mine.. credit given to its owner. . I am just sharing. .lol..
awww that's so cute
omg this just so adorable and squishy
omg this is way too cute 😍
@VeronicaArtino ..squishy?? lmao.. that's so
@GDsGF I know.