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Hey guys I'm going to start to post more of my drawings. This guy above is my new OC{Original Character } Zeke •He has 3 sets of tattoos in total: ○Bite mark circle w/ "Bite Me" underneath ○Wings on his back ○Repeat symbol w/ "Relax & Repeat" on his arm ●He wears: ○ A white shirt that says "Parental Guidance " circled and crossed out ○Baggy sweat pants ○Black Converse or Timberlands ▪Peircings ×Black sets of guages on his ear lobe and cartilage ×Snake bites ×Tongue peircing ●His eyes: ○Change color based on his mood ○Original color: Greenish yellow Hair: *Undercut *Black with blue tips ●Mood: -Lethargic -Stoic -Doesn't really like people,...OK he hates them -Only has a few friends he can tolerate □ Height: ⊙ 5'9
I'll post the full colored ver. when I'm finished BUT..... Comment what you think..... Ok?
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hmmm I shall ponder on character! but the story plots sounss good :D
@GossamoKewen95 Thank ya! 😄
He should have some kind of hobbie or obsession.
@T0R1L Hmm...that's a toughie since he barely has a social meh!
@SugalessJams Well if he is anti-social, then he'd probably be a gamer haha and never accept an invitation any where but get mad when he isn't given the opportunity to say no.