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Omo!!! This is amazing!!
I was browsing Instagram and Jellyfish ent posted this picture...
N WITH BLONDE HAIR?!? what is this?!?!? Its soooo beautiful....^~^ Then again ALL OF THEM look so baby Hyukkie and Bean look wonderful.... Starlights have you seen this?? Is this real? What are your thoughts?!?
Tagging people (i am not sure if you are starlights....tag anyone who is) @Emealia @CreeTheOtaku @ArmyofKookie @krin
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So good. So good. 馃槅
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N eyes are seriously doing something to me ....I think I'm dying LOL
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I love him with this hair.
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They are all prettier than me.... This, this is what I'm talking about... So not fair... I love them though! Don't hate me but I loved N better with the dark hair with green, but green is my favorite color so that's just me. But Leo seriously needs to stop looking at me like that 馃槀 makes me feel crazy! Stop it! Stop it now! Lol 馃槀
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