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I really do hope that they get well soon and that they are able to get lots of rest!!!
It makes me happy that Bighit canceled the planned concerts so V and Suga could rest and the other members could hopefully be there in their recovery I think that with all the rumors currently about the poor treatment they get from the managers and company, Bighit just proved that they really do care by cancelling the concert and sending them to the hospital to get checked instead of forcing them to go and preform. (Sorry that this is long but I really care about them and I am really worried, so I figured I would make a card)
BTS V and suga, FIGHTING!!!!
awe they are so cute. according to twitter they are feeling better
Oh my god I hope they feel a lot better because I am worried about them too. Lot's and lots of love to them. I love you V and Suga hope you guys get well soon. πŸ˜™πŸ˜·
Awww they're both so cute!!!!!πŸ˜„
@VeronicaArtino ah thank you for telling me that I was so worried about them