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Going back to Kirito's original Aincrad character it looks as if he was well over 18 possibly 20 (Due to Anime Logic) but overall was an amazing sight at the SAO's 1st episode
The Town of Beginnings itself was the most outstanding and beautiful view, Imagine living in that town of beautiful scenery but well known as to where the "incident" was announced by Kayaba....
The incident or the "SAO Death Game" was announced by the creator himself well known as Akihiko Kayaba both the creator of the Nerve Gear SAO, Right after force teleporting everyone to the town's center point he officially announced SAO as a "Death Game" which later on caused an uproar.....
Kirito and Klein as well as everyone in confusion right after Kayaba's mirror "gift" revealing their real-life appearance....
Right after the Kayaba's announcement and right after Kirito and Klein said their goodbye's, Kirito then was determined to put a stop to the death game and vowed to beat the game and finish all 100 floors of the floating castle of Aincrad and so the adventure begins.....
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Good show
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@NikolasSatterwh not better but more preferable yes
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i love this anime i manage to watch the second season but i might continue
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any word as to the air date for alicization
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