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*warning frickety frack* I felt his hands gently wrap around me as he picked me up, my feet were killing me from filming all day. He gave me a warm smile as he placed me on the couch. He then sat next to me, pulling my legs onto a pillow laying on his lap. Jimin eyed me suspiciously, I winked at him and then chuckled at his surprised expression but then that was quickly replaced by a glare, he looked away. I furrowed my eyebrows, What's with him? I shrugged off the thought and looked back at Jin. I studied his face as he watching a show, I looked as lips, they looked soft and inviting. I bit my lip but then I tried to shrug that thought off but then Jin stretched. I could feel my cheeks grow pink as he his reached up to the sky, along with his shirt which was revealing his V line. I looked away, I can't keep doing this, I can't just sleep with every member. "Are you ok?" I turned back to face Jin who had a worried expression, I smiled, you're so oblivious, "Yes, why?" I asked curiously. "Nothing really, It's just... I don't know, forget it. I'll be right back." I nodded as he carefully placed my legs ont he couch as he stood up and walked away. I sighed and leaned back on the arm rest of the chair, I then closed my eyes. Why do I have this song stuck in my head? I then hummed the lyrics to All The Time; Early in the mornings when I think about you? Yeah- I hit you like what you sayin'? I then felt weight being pressed on me and the words, "I-I-I could fuck you all the time, time, time," being whispered in my ear as someone playfully bit my ear. I opened my eyes to by Jimin resting on top of me, my eyes grew wide, "What are you doing? What if someone sees!" He chuckled,"It's no fair Su----" I cut him off, "Please get off," He smirked, "Cut me off one more time and you won't be able to speak between gasps of air and moans." Where did this come from? I could feel his lips hovering over my neck, "I don't like seeing you with the other guys, I haven't had my way with you yet." My breathing hitched, "W-What about the bet?" I said quietly. He laughed which sent chills up my spine, "Forget the bet. Look at how vulnerable you look," I watched as he bit his lip, "Do you understand how you make me feel?" I started to get nervous, hoping Jin or anyone else would walk in. "Please get off," I asked quietly. He looked me straight in the eyes and then our lips weren't that far apart, "I will.... for now." He then got up and walked away. My head fell back on the arm rest just as Jim walked in, thank the lord. I stood up and grabbed his hand and then pulled him into his own room, I turned around to see a confused and flustered Jin, "Sorry, I just needed a change of scenery." He then had a look of embarrassment, "I'm sorry, I haven't even cleaned up, I wasn't expecting company." I chuckled as he ran back and forth picking up a few objects that were laying on the floor. It wasn't even that messy.... All of a sudden he poked my side, I giggled and them my eyes grew wide as so did his, Oh no. All of a sudden I was attacked by his fingers, making their way around my waist, I started laughing uncontrollably to the point he was on top of on the bed, a smirk on his face. I felt tears stream down my face as I panted between the laughter fits. All of a sudden he stopped, both his hands under my shirt, his face was a few inches from mine. I have him a reassuring smile, I then felt his lips on my, it was gentle and I started to crave more. "Don't hold back," I could tell he was nervous but then that quickly disappeared as the kiss became more heavy, I couldtell he has been wanting to let out this side of him for awhile now. He then stopped and looked at me, "I don't like it when people call me Princess.... I'm a man, more than they know." I placed my hand on his cheek, "Then show me." I smile stretched across his face, a smile I've never seen before. I wasn't scared, I was curious. He lifted me up onto his lap, he explored the inside of my mouth as he lifted my shirt over my head, our lips breaking apart as we panted in unison. I was about to lift his shirt when I could feel him smirking, He then grabbed his shirt and ripped it down the middle. I have to admit I was taken aback but I would've lied if I said I didn't like it. He threw the shreds to the ground as he pressed me closer to him, I could feel the warmth coming from his chest, I then traced the lines of his abs he then laughed, "I won't hold back but only if you're ok with it." I looked him straight in the eyes, a few times glancing at his lips, I couldn't think straight, the way he handled me dominantly but with care, it made me crave his touch. Everyone vanished from my mind and all I could think about was his body against mine. "Please don't hold back," I pleaded and he found this enjoyable, "I like it when you plead, forget calling me Princess, call me Prince." I nodded without hesitation, "Whatever you say, Prince," I watched him smirk and lay me gently down on the bed, he licked his lips, "You belong to me now." ~ I panted harshly as I clinged tighter to his shoulders, eye lids fluttering closed as another intense wave of pleasure washes over me, he thrusted into me in just the right way, I lost control of my own feelings. "J-Jin," I whimpeed, barely able to find my voice as he rolled his hips against me; slow and deep but with care. I coul feel teeth against my neck, the side of my jaw, my collar bone, chest, everywhere Jin could reach with his mouth he was biting at, trailing dark hickeys in his wake and I was in no desire to stop him. I completely gave him control over me, I didn't know why, I just knew he wouldn't hurt me. If he keeps this up, we might have to create a regular meet up like Yoongi and what's-her-face. ~ My head layed gently on his chest as he brushed his hand lightly through my hair, I was still panting. He chuckled, "Do you think I'm still a Princess?" I scoffed, "You already know the answer." I closed my eyes and listened to his heart beat, I lightly drummed my fingers on his chest to match the beat but then that quickly stopped when he said, "You belong to me now, if you try anything with any of the other members, you'll be punished." Β  Β  Β Β  Oh my lord, I finally updated, sorry it took so long but after reading this bomb af Sehun fanfic that completely just snatched my soul and my weave, Ooh Sehorny *fans self then puts holy water eyedrops in eyes* Also my hair was to my waist but I decided to donate it so now its at my shoulders, feels weird, like a weight has been lifted xD
We need JESUS. πŸ˜πŸ‘
@abiersack666 sorry but we are to far gone not even Jesus can help us 😭😭😭
@MErcii so glad you updated please don't let the negativity get to you. really enjoy your writing keep the great work coming πŸ’•
@MinDeji yo seriously he's the only one actually not literally pushing her and yea smh
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