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watch vid after reading Blue Moon c:


I sat down in a chair and put my suitcases beside me, I then looked at the floor. I need to th--- "Wait a minute! You're that girl in Rainies new music video right?!" I looked up and saw a high school girl wearing a backpack in the shape of Totoro, why is a school girl at an airport this early in the morning? I nodded, "Yah.." She then smiled, "You're a really good dancer! My friends and I have started shipping you with people!" My eyes grew wide, Who'd they ship me with?? She laughed, "Don't worry, I have several OTPs." I half smiled, "Can you tell me who you shipped me with?" She then gave a mischievous smile, "No can do!" I sighed and then she started rummaging through her backpack and pulled out a notebook and shoved it towards me. I stared at the paper and then looked up at her, "Umm..." She tilted her head a bit then laughed, "Can I have your signature?" Signature? "Uhh.. S-Sure," how am I going to write my name? I've never done this before... She then pulled a pen out of the spiral edge of the notebook, "Here, you can use this." I took the pen from her and tried to make my look cool then I added a heart and a little message, "What's your name?" She smiled, "Sunny." I nodded and finished writing and handed the notebook and pen back to her, I gave her a smile and then she looked at the suitcases beside me, "Oh.. are you leaving?" She then looked at the airport gate and read the sign out loud, "United States? Why are you going there? If you don't mind me asking." I looked at the sign, "I don't know anymore." She then said, "Oh...Well, I'd like you to stay in Seoul, even though you don't know me." I looked at her speechless. She smiled, "I also recognized you from the girl group Infinite but I didn't want to come off as a die hard fan or anything," she awkwardly laughed. I stood up, "Really? How'd you hear about us? We haven't even made a music video or anything..." She smiled, "Us fans have our ways," she raised her hands innocently. Ok, that's creepy... "I'd love to stay and chit chat with you Ahri but I have to go," she then waved goodbye and walked away. I stood there speechless and then pulled out my phone, maybe I can still stay in Seoul but I'd have to busy enough not to be able to hang around the boys.. a lightbulb went off in my head. I dialed a number on my phone, "Hey Jae, I have a proposition for you," I smiled.          I sat in a coffee shop waiting for Emily and Kaela to walk through the door. I poked at my cinnamon rolland then heard  the bells on the door jingle and I looked straight up and saw both of them, I motioned them over, "Ok, I think you guys will like this," they sat down after ordering a snack and a drink and then looked at me to continue. I told them my idea and Emily's eyes grew wide, "What? Are you serious?!" I nodded, "I'm serious, I asked Jae this morning," I looked at Kaela to see if she heard me but she just nodded slightly and I sighed, maybe this will be better for the both of us. "I can't believe this is happening to us! I don't know if I should be excited or scared," she laughed and I looked back at her, "I know right! I'm quite excited myself! I got the idea after this school girl named Sunny approached me at the airport," I sipped my apple juice and Emily said, "Airport? What wereyou doing at an airport?" I choked on the drink and then started coughing, "Oh nothing!" I put my hands up innocently and I heard Kaela mumble something under her breath, Emily lookedat her, "What?" Kaela then gave me a glare, "Nothing." I sighed, "Anywho, we should head to SME to see what Jae has planned for us." Emily nodded, "Good idea." We stood up and threw our trash away and headed out the door. I slowed down my pace and let Kaela and Emily walk infront of me. I hope this works, I then started humming to myself.

Blue Moon

I laid on the floor gasping for precious air, "I didn't expect him to push us this hard, did you see the schedule! I'm going to become sleep deprived!" Emily laid next to me panting, "Well we have to do this to get better." She always has to be the sensible one, "I know... but still.." I sat up and fixed my sweater, "Gosh, I feel so sweaty." Emily laughed, "That's gross but I am too so I can't be talking." Kaela came over and sat criss cross applesauce, "I'm excited though. I can't wait for 6pm to come, I still can't believe we're opening for BTS." She's actually talking! I nodded, "Same! I can't wait to meet V and Jungkook! But it is practice for when we have our own concert," I tried to keep my inner fangirl down. "I can't wait to meet Rap Monster, have you seen his recent rap videos? He spits fire,"Kaela said smiling. Emily nodded,"He is pretty good." At that moment the door swung open and Jae walked walked, "Up and at 'em! Go take a quick shower and then meet me in the lobby, we need to head to the Blue Moon and get you guys set up." We stood up, "This early? It starts at 9." Jae gave us an expression like he didn't understand what we were asking but then replied, "Welcome to Stardom," and turned around and walked out. We exchanged looks and then walked out of the room heading toward the locker rooms. We stepped on stage and looked out over over empty seats, "Wow, it looks huge from up here," I said mesmerized. "I agree but now that I seen how many people will be here I'm getting kind of nervous..." I was about to reply when someone beat me to it, "You'll get used to it about 5 minutes in. The crowd cheering will make you want to never leave." I turned around and saw Suga with his hand on Emily's shoulder, "Well maybe it was that way for you," Emily replied. My eyes became wide, oh my heavens it's Suga... Emily looked at me, "You ok Ahri?" I looked at her, "Y-yah sorry." Suga laughed,"Excuse my manners i forgot to introduce myself! The names Suga!" Emily's eyes became wide and realized who he was, "You're from BTS right? We're opening for you guys!" He smiled, "Yah, the boys and I are quite excited to see what you guys can do." I smiled, "Well we can't wait to show you guys." He then motioned us to follow him, "Come meet the other knuckle heads." I went I've and grabbed Kaela and we followed Suga to a dressing room. He opened the door, "Meet the girls who are opening for us!" I looked down, I'm wearing sweats, I can do better then this i promise! I silently laughed at myself but Emily whispered to me, "I wish we weren't wearing sweats." Did she just read my mind? The boys bowed to us and we did the same and Jimin approached us, "Hello ladies." We talked for a while and we all got to know each other. I looked around the room and saw Kaela talking to Rap Mon while Emily was talking to Suga and Jimin. V approached me, "Hi," he quietly said and sat down next to me. "Hi," I smiled trying to not get nervous. "So what song are you guys doing?" He asked with curiosity written all over his face, I put my finger to my mouth, "It's a surprise." He smiled, "I like surprises. So your name is Ahri right?" I nodded and he said, "I assume you already know who I am. I mean my name is only one letter." I laughed, "Yes, I know who you are. I'm a fan of BTS." His eyes became wide, "Really? What's your favorite song of ours?" I smiled, "I like No More Dream and Danger." He nodded, "Hey, follow me!" He grabbed my hand and pulled me up before I could say anything, "Wait wh--" He looked at everyone else, "We'll be rough back." He flashed me a smile and then pulled me out into the hallway. Music was blaring through out the hall way, it was Red but HyunA. "Where are you taking me?" I asked trying to keep up with him and listen to the song at the same time, I actually like this song. We stopped infront of a door and he opened it and stepped in, I followed behind curiously. It was a dance room, why are we in here? He turns around and raised his armed and walked backwards, "I wan see what you can do," he smiled and walked towards a stereo that was laying silently in the corner waiting to be played. I laughed, "Why?" He flipped on No More Dream, "You said you like this song, so let's see if you know the dance." I smirked and tapped my foot to the beat and then closed my eyes trying to feel the music, the funny thing is I actually know the choreography. I opened my eyes and started dancing to the song, I danced towards V with a smirk on my face who had his jaw dropped, "You didn't tell me you knew the dance!" I then took his hand and pulled him to the middle of the dance floor, "Let's see who's better." He smirked and started dancing infront of me he then started singing a long and I decided to join in. After a couple of minutes the song of finished and we were panting face to face when all of a sudden Now by Trouble Maker started playing. I smiled and he did too, "Let me guess, you also know this song and dance." He smirked, "Let's find out."
@Mercii I suppose you can do whatever you want but I don't think u heart can take it. lol
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