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So this was started by @LilySilver and I was tagged by @MadAndrea (thanks bunny!) so I'm gonna do it. But I'm just going to do all the questions at once. You can do it one Q a day or all at once, however you want to do it go for it! Here are my answers: 1. Disappoint Jin or break J-Hope's heart? So sorry Jin I'm gonna have to disappoint you cause I could never break my Hobi's heart that would kill me. 2. Touch Jimin's abs or re-dye Tae's hair? Re-dye Tae's hair cause I loving changing up my style so helping him would be fun! 3. Fight Jungkook or Suga? Jungkook. I'm pretty sure I could take him down in a fight lol, but Suga could probably kill me. 4. Tell Jimin he's beautiful or Jin he's not boring? Tell Jin he isn't boring cause our Jiminnie knows he's beautiful! 5. Fight J-Hope or V? Tough one... both would be hard to take down but I'll take Hope, V has those long arms. 6. Dance off with Rapmon or Jungkook. Rapmon. I'm a horrible dancer. 7. Kiss J-Hope or give Jungkook his first hickey? Kiss J-Hope. Love him and Kookie is way to young for me! 8. Punch Jin or Suga? Umm neither but if I HAD to... Suga. He can take it. 9. Take away Suga's swag or Rapmon's jams? Rapmon's jams lol. 10. Shave Rapmon's head or break J-Hope's cheek bone? What the heck?! Neither but I'd shave poor Rapmon's head rather than hurt Hobi. 11. Party with Rapmon or perform onstage with Jimin? Party it up with Joonie! I'd be too afraid to get up on a stage with all those people staring at me. 12. Have Jin mommy or innocent Jungkook find your blog? We I don't have one so it doesn't really matter but I'd rather have Jin find it than Jungkook. That'd be embarrassing. 13. Rather have JiKook or NamJin for parents? NamJin. Namjoon is super smart, Jin is an awesome cook. Can't go wrong! 14. Ask Jimin or Jin anything you want? Hmmm Jin. I think I'd have a lot more to talk about with him than Jimin for some reason. 15. Cuddle with Suga or go to a carnival with V? I really really REALLY want to cuddle with Suga but I think going to a carnival with V would be loads of fun so Taehyung. 16. Take Rapmon to a Kanye West concert or Jungkook to a 1D concert? Jungkook to a 1D concert I can't stand Kanye so Joonie's going without me. 17. Married to J-Hope or Jungkook? Um J-Hope! Of course I want to marry my bias over the baby. We'll adopt Jungkook though. ^^ 18. Rather have Jin or Jimin as your personal motivator? Jimin! He's so bright and bubbly and determined he wouldn't let you quit. 19. Rather dance with J-Hope or V at 5am across the floors in fuzzy socks? J-Hope! We've all seen his silly dances and that would be even more hilarious at 5am! Tagging bunnies! @kpopandkimchi @Exoexo @baileykayleen @glo86 @netchtiBates @poojas @PassTheSuga @AimeeH @destiny1419 @ChelseaJay @CreeTheOtaku @danidee @Meeshell @Ticasensei @Emealia @ILikeHisFace123 @PrettieeEmm @Jiyongixoxo @DeniseiaGardner @ChaErica @thePinkPrincess @Lizzeh @SugaOnTop @SarahWise @saraortiz2002 @LexTay327 @KpopGaby @B1A4BTS5ever @ARMYstarlight @RainaC3 @sherrysahar @MadAndrea @Rhia @SarahVanDorn @Bitterlimelight @shelbiisonfire @ReynaWithLove @Kieuseru @KatelynSummerso @VeronicaArtino @xxxtina @MorganElisabeth @katiems @AdiaJasinski @LaurenStrayhorn@KaceyDodge @StephanieDuong @SamanthaRae19 @ArmyofKookie @AnnahiZaragoza @aabxo @MyaIsNotSexy @stacyneroland @panouvang123 @VixenViVi @SharayahTodd @taetaebaozi @Atomshair @KwonOfAKind @MattK95 @jiggzy19 @nerdy3000 @Helixx @nnatalieg @AmbieB @LauraEspinoza @Byeoli @SarangRavi @StephersTaylor @TheMdWhitworth @tayunnie @AngelaPearson @ChristineO84 @Tigerlily84 @OliviaZenger @delnygro @DenieceSuit @StaelightDria @jessicalnichols @JessicaChaney @nenegrint14 @MichelleIbarra @ItsMari @terenailyn @AlloBaber @deefran
haha i love your reasoning for these. I'll def continue to tag you in mine though.
Ikr what's with all the violence?! But it was pretty fun too.
definitely gonna start working on mine
amazing answers! most of these are pretty difficult but damn someone really wants to see hobi get hurt (why would they do that)
@cutiepandacat ya know it kinda was.. ^^
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