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I know they won't see this but I needed to get that out of my system.
I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! (I'm sorry)
oh I know how you feel I've had depression since I was eight yrs old because of my braindisorder that I was born with and I was bullied because of it to I was bullied from 4th through 6th grade
I feel that I am also bipolar and sometimes I also have those scary thoughts of suicide. Just know that your parents and family really do care about you and it seems that you should keep your best friend around! FIGHTING!!!! BTS helped me through it too, as well as other groups. I'm glad they helped you and you are starting to feel a little better!😊
@sarahdarwish thank you!
Stay strong!!! ❤❤ I know how hard it is having fake people around you!! I'm glad that BTS has helped you feel better!!!
I'm so glad because every ARMY is important and I hope you're doing well! Thankful that BTS has helped you and hope they'll continue to help others❤️ Stay strong
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