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Would you rather fight Jungkook or Suga?

Asking the hardest questions already I see. Let's talk about the pros and cons. Jungkook is ripped as fuck. Have you seen his arms when he flexes? Jeez! And Yoongi, he may be lazy but he seems like that undercover strong type. They're also my #2 & #1 BTS biases, that's a con all by itself. So you should know I wanna fight them both already. I know for a fact that I could take them both. Me and Kookie would have an all out brawl tbh, we could fight for days. Yoongi would give up after I accidentally on purpose tripped and fell across him then pretended to fall asleep. Also, Yoongi has such nice pale skin, he would probably bruise easily and why would I want to hurt him like that. Jungkook however would probably look nice with a split lip and a bandage under his eye covering a minor scrape. The hurt bad boy look is definitely suitable for him. You know what this question isn't even that hard. I already know who I would fight. Hell, I bet all of y'all would fight him too. So Min Yoongi may be my #1 in BTS but...

I would rather fight Jungkook.

@DasiaB haha finally someone who agrees with me lol.
@SusiBosshammer what are the odds that you could hurt Kookie anyway though? lol
@CreeTheOtaku man I wanna fight Suga so bad but he's my #1 in bts so I'll cute him so slack.
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