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Helloo! Today is day 3 and the question for today is..

Would you rather fight Jungkook and Suga? This is such a horrible question, why must you make me choose between those 2 ;_; Jungkook is my UB and Suga and Jimin come in a close second :C

Jungkook or Suga?

And my choice would be to fight..


I'm sorry Suga, I'm very sorry but I have to fight you ;-;.. I don't think it matters who I fight because I'm uh weak anyways and I don't think I would win a fight fighting Suga or Jungkook but Jungkook is my UB and I don't think I could bare to fight him, same to Suga but.. Ugh that was a hard question. THANKFULLY THIS ISNT REAL LIFE OR ELSE I WOULD BE REALLY CONFLICTED. @MadAndrea
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I haven't seen many Jungkook answers yet lol only 1 or 2. Poor suga