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Disclaimer: I am not the artist if any of the photos. I love the look of Ancient Egypt and Yu-Gi-Oh just enhances my love for it even more. @Panthora @ThatRossyGirl
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@TiffanyWallace love never comes up in the anime, only season 0 has what seen like love, but ultimately, it's friendship....I wonder if they have it in the manga, love?
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I have no idea. I haven't read season 0. Is it animated? And I feel like the anime hints some of the love without actually saying it out loud. @Baoyi
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But I don't mean for just one character, I mean in general.
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@TiffanyWallace that is so true! and yes, season 0 is an anime that follows the manga more so than the official season 1 yugioh
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Awesome. I'll have to look it up later.
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