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Less than a month after telling Chelsea Handler that she's "really" enjoying being single, Selena Gomez hopped on a plane to go to Norway, where her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber performed a concert on Thursday, April 18. Sources confirm to Us Weekly that the "Come and Get It" singer, 20, touched down in the country's capital, Oslo, shortly before Bieber hit the stage. There's no word yet on why she's there -- but if it is to see her ex, this would not be the couple's first reunion since their split earlier this year. cr:usm
@guek0903 lol 5 years old! lol but yes.. that's how he really acts!
Me too i think he is 13 but he acts like a 5 year old lol:)
lol I agree.. but his mental age is like, what, 13? lol
I think so to but sill he needs someone else like someone his own age just saying:)lol
@guek0903 lol! I'm not that nothered about JB's looks, more of his behavior..but I think Selena can take care of herself
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