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Since Christmas is over, and I finally have good wifi...

Let's talk about New Years!!!! WOOO!!!!

Below are my resolutions for the new year, and I think I can stick to all of them!!!

Exercise (운동!)

I walk a lot just cause I hate driving, but I want to do more cardio! I plan to take the stairs up to work at least once a week (fyi...I'm on the 11th floor)^^
I'm also going to start stretching every morning and actually stick to it! (I always do it for a week or two, then stop lol)
To exercise - 운동하다
To stretch - 뻗다
Yoga - 요가

Cooking at home!

I used to cook all my meals at home when I was in school, but now that I'm working its been hard for me to do that. I want to start of by making dinner twice a week at least and build up to even more^^
To cook - 요리하다
Delicious - 맛 있다
To eat healthy - 건강하게 먹다

Review Japanese

I studied Japanese for two years and now I feel bad cause I'm forgetting everything! I will go over my old Japanese textbook until I remember at least everything from the first year of study^^ Plus it's a good excuse to watch all my old favorite J-dramas again hahaha
Japanese - 일본어
To study - 공부하다
Study hard - 열공!

Take the TOPIK!

I want to see what level I can reach in Korean on the official TOPIK exam! It is levels 1 - 6 and I am hoping to get at least a 3! I will be taking it in March hopefully^^
Good luck! - 화이팅!
I need to study :'( - 공부해야 돼요 ㅠㅠ

Talk to My Friends at Home More

I have moved from my hometown because of school and now work so I'm not as close to my friends from high school any more. We're always as close as ever when I come home for the holidays, but I'd like to be better about calling people back and texting them to say hey every once in a while!
Friends - 친구
Hometown - 고향
To call - 전화하다

What are your New Years resolutions?!

Either leave them in the comments or WRITE YOUR OWN CARD!
mine is to not cry at the EXO concert in February 😅
excercise, eat better meals, pass my comps exam to graduate with my masters, get into a doctoral program, get a graduate many 😧
Get fit Learn Korean Be more social Get Kpop Merch 😝😝
eat cleaner exercise regularly get my license become proficient in korean branch out in my cooking😹
@CristinReynolds holy CRAP! good luck girl!!!!!!
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