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1. Disappoint Jin. Breaking J-Hope's ā¤?? No can do!! There have been times where Bangtan disappointed Jin and he's still alive so I think he'll be ok... but if I disappoint Jin by breaking his heart then... hdichdjdb!!! 2. Touch Jimin's abs. I mean.. V looks fine the way he is and if I really had a choice, why not go for the chocolate abs?! xD 3. Fight Suga... I just think it'd be interesting. Suga will probably give up halfway with his lethargic self anyway haha! but if a fight is going on with Jungkook involved, I think it'd be pretty serious >.< 4. Tell Jimin he's beautiful. Because he is. ā¤ 5. Fight J-Hope. This would be interesting too. xD 6. What the heck. DANCE OFF WITH RAP MON, obviously!! Don't wanna go against the Golden maknae! 7. Kiss J-Hope. First off, J-Hope = ā¤ and the other option is a No No 8. Punch Suga. Sometimes I just wanna punch him, I mean does he seriously have to ruin my bias list that's already been ruined by Rap Mon?! And why would I wanna punch Jin? isn't he fragile? xD 9. Take away Rap Mon's jams. You can't take away Suga's swag even if you try haha! 10. Shave Rap Mon's head. His hair can grow back. 11. Party with Rap Mon. Because my dancing is at an even lower level than his. I'd rather have fun dancing embarrassingly with Rap Mon at a party than embarrass myself on stage with Jimin. 12. Jin find my blog. Um.. me have no blog BUT! idk I don't really know what to say about this actually xD 13. NamJin for parents. ā¤ 14. Ask Jin something I want. He's the leader. I'll have a better chance of getting what I want. 15. No can do. I PICK BOTH OPTIONS! Cuddle with Suga and go to the carnival with V ā¤ 16. Neither. 17. Married to J-Hope!! He just seems so caring ā¤ 18. Jin as my motivator. He's already inspired me to sing so much 19. Dance with V. I think V would actually do something like that haha xD ā¤ Interesting and fun Challenge ā˜ŗ @veeyang5 @kpopandkimchi