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I guess by now, my love of Supernatural (& Jared Padalecki) is obvious....But how can you not love Jared? Everything he does for his fans? Anyway, fangirling aside, for anyone who doesn't know how to deal with someone who stresses you out, the easiest solution is don't, especially if you're with someone who doesn't respect you, that's seriously toxic to you on an emotional level and you deserve better than that.
Jared is one of those amazing people in this world! Yeah, he's a great actor, but it's everything that he stands for as a person that makes him so attractive to me. 💜💜💜
Jared is awesome!!
Jared is awesome.
Jared is one of those people who I can't stop loving he's a great actor, a nice person, and a wonderful gather and husband. he is super nice and I feel like he can do no wrong. Jared is wonderful and I want him to continue to play Sam forever (or however many season they can go). love to Jared aka Sam Winchester
lol, 100% agreement @VeronicaArtino & @Annaharris1989 😂 I ordered a beanie from his most recent AKF campaign, first time I wore it my granny said that I looked like a boy in it (my profile pic) lol.
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