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Even the description...
Marissa Meyer is EXO-L, because legit Prince Kai's description is basically Jongin...and Cinder's reaction is us....I'm about to treat this book like a fanfic and pretend Cinder is me. But a bunch of shit is about to happen in the book (I read it like twice already)馃槀馃槀
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lmbo go for it!!!
2 years agoReply
what book is this?
2 years agoReply
Cinder @kkellymeyer I think
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LOL That is seriously Jongin XD
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@kkellymeyer it's Cinder and it's basically a scifi version of characters, there is Cinder (Cinderella), Scarlet (Little Red Riding Hood), Cress (Repunzel) and Winter (Snow White) it's a really good series not because the Prince is lowkey Jongin
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