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I mean his voice is amazing I could listen to it all day.
His smile Is to die for .
He is absolutely adorable. Like Youngjae can you not? My feels can't take much more please stay in your lane.
Plus the fact he is an absolute sweet heart .
Also a major goof ball, but he just likes to have a good time and make people smile. You can't help but fall for him. Youngjae my heart can't handle anymore!
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@HuonTreeRoo I am going to do one for each of the members. Youngjae was the first because I love his personality it's so adorable and addictive. You can tell he loves to make people laugh and I just can't get enough of his smile.
Omg speaking of his smile, my friend pointed out that he has a square-ish smile like Kyungsoo and V! Hehe anyways I'll definitely check out your other cards cuz I love them all πŸ’–
When I first learned about got7 , Youngjae's voice just drew me in. It is seriously so beautiful <3
@HuonTreeRoo I never noticed it before πŸ˜²πŸ˜… but he does oh my goodness how did I miss that πŸ˜…. Thank you I should have more tomorrow or later tonight. @sarangseoltang Jackson is why I got into got7 but after learning more about them all its impossible to pick a bias because I love them all, but I can listen to youngjae's voice all day it's amazing.
This card is beautiful and you are beautiful for making it