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Never thought I would love a Korean drama as much as this one! For those of you who have never watched or heard of it...I highly recommend taking a look at it despite the amount of episodes there are! XD

1. Casting

Throughout watching the drama, I really liked the whole casting of Giant. The splendid acting from the child actors up to the adult actors all made everything come together in one piece. I only knew about a good half of the main castings in the drama, but I have heard great things about each of the actors which gave me more the reason to watch Giant. Especially with Lee Bumsoo and Park Sangmin, I can see why people really liked them here because they portrayed their characters perfectly. You also can't forget the main villain, Jeong Boseok, which he would probably be one of the best villains there is throughout the world of k-drama. The drama couldn't have been any more perfect with the following actors casted along with the perfect script for the plot. XB

2. Sibling Bond

The main part of the drama centered around the three siblings who were separated since they were young and finally reunited after decades later of searching. I'll tell you that never out of all Korean dramas that I've watched had me bawling throughout each and every episode. Seriously, seeing what each of the siblings had gone through as they were growing up separately was just unbearable to watch, but it makes it even more worthwhile the moment you see them come altogether. T-T

3. Minwoo x Mijoo Couple

I'll be honest with you that Joo Sangwook is the reason why I decided to watch this drama in the first place like I mean come on...who wouldn't watch a Korean drama with Joo Sangwook in it...he's got the looks and the skills to act especially in Giant! On top of that, never have I shipped a couple this hard here between Minwoo and Mijoo. You got two people living in entirely different worlds, yet this is what drew them together despite the circumstances happening around them. I've lost count as to how many times I rewatched all scenes between Minwoo and Mijoo throughout the drama despite just finishing it. You can see that Joo Sangwook and Hwang Jungeum definitely has great chemistry going on there. The WooJoo Couple is officially my #1 OTP couple!!! <3