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There you have it. The top 5 strongest male lead in Anime World. They all posses incredible power that could take on the Anime world. I don't think that they can't be stopped with such power in one team. 1. Goku from Dragon Ball Z. 2. Luffy from One Piece. 3. Naruto from Naruto. 4. Ichigo from Bleach. 5. Natsu from Fairy Tail.
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I think Edward Elric deserves a spot!
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@JakeErter Well we still need to know more about Saitama. It can't just be 100 situps and 100 push ups and 10 km run and 100 curl ups because I know people who do that and Zoro from one piece does more than that and can't finish a guy with One punch.
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and then there's saitama
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hmm. ...I wonder who will dominate the next generations to come?
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@alexcattura , and Yato!!!
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