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2016 is just 4-5 days away! YAYYYY!!! This year was one of those years where almost every single group out there in K-Pop had a comeback! Lets not forget the amount of debuts! But there are some songs that managed to be in repeat once it was out to this day. Let me show you my Top 3 favorite M/Vs of 2015

BTS I Need You

BTS has made every single ARMY cry, yelp in pain, hate, and love them more than ever! I personally loved the M/V because it managed to make me cry for a freaking reason. I mean, come on! THEY WERE DYING FOR FLIP'S SAKE!!! It tore me up to pieces but that shows us how amazingly planned out everything was and how they are ought to get us! (not to forget that the Prolouge and Run M/V made matters worse!) Let's applause BTS for being #1 WOOOOO!!!

Taeyeon I

Believe it or not, I'm not a SNSD fan nor do I want to. But Taeyeon SLAYED on her solo debut! She managed to steal my heart by how gorgeous she looked and how beautiful her voice sounded! I'm actually looking forward for her upcoming albums! Taeyeon Jjang! Applause for Taeyeon for being 2nd place, WOOOO!!!

Last but not least,

VIXX LR Beautiful Liar

VIXX's sub-unit VIXX LR was such a surprise for all Starlights because we truly expected someone to become a soloist, but a duo? And with the main rapper and singer? Who knew how things would work out since their voice tones are completely different. But they managed to work it out and it was FREAKING AWESOME!!!! I actually liked it better than VIXX's comeback as a whole (sorry errbody.) I seriously can't describe how amazing the M/V turned out to be! It was something truly unexpected yet so worth it at the end! Can't wait for the upcoming projects VIXX LR has for us ^_^ Give a round of applause for VIXX LR, WOOO!!!!

Although I loved other comebacks, they didn't managed to be mentioned as my TOP 3. But here are more of my fave 2015 M/Vs

Red Velvet Dumb Dumb


B.I.G Taola


UP10TION So Dangerous & Catch Me

GOT7 If You Do & Confession Song

SHINee Married To The Music

EXID Hot Pink

iKon Rhythm Ta


TWICE Like Ooh-Aah

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@LexiiKpopV yes someone said BTS XD
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I loved Big Bang If you, Loser and Exo sing for you!! Also snsd dear santa!!! :))
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Omg!! how did I forget Big Bang and TTS Dear Santa?!?! @VIPforever123
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@kpopgaby haha it's alright 馃槉
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