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Day 4- 5 non human characters.
Triguns Vash the Stamped. The Huminod Typhoon. He is not human, he is a human-like Plant, inter-dimensional beings that are tapped as a source of power and energy. He's funny and badass!
Here is Migi he took over shinichis right hand while trying to the over his head and failed. But this is a good show as well a must watch!
Oh my Lanta! Kofuku! She is just so damn cute!! Oh I would go broke for her too! Oh yes!!
And my favorite neko girl ever! Pitou, one of the royal guards for the Chimera Ant King. Her aura and eyes have a very evil but very beautiful presence! Oh my she is just great!
And my personal favorite the Chimera Ant King himself! King Meruem! The ultimate badass, exceptional in skills technique ability and intelligence!
Let me here your thoughts! Thanks for reading !