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YG entertainment
I left AOMG with my head and heart racing,what happened? what did i do and how was i gonna get out of YG alive? the family I thought I had in loco was gone before i could take my first breath . i was so wrapped up in my thoughts that i walked right passed jack and the car.
" hey Mona !" jack yelled as i almost walked off the side walk.
i jumped and turned " oh ...sorry I..." i trailed off not knowing what was going on in my head.
" got a lot on your mind right now ...I know "he said to me as he ushered me into the car.
we arrived at YG not long after, jack said "look i'm gonna sign us in and see if they're ready for us, go look around i'll call you when we're ready." I started walking around aimlessly i could run off but that wouldn't fix anything . my stomach gave a huge growl i forgot to eat with all the commotion .I walked to the cafeteria and saw winner buying snacks .I went to turn and leave but herd a very pointed "ya imma " in my direction . I started walking faster out of the cafeteria ,I needed to go as fast as possible before he could catch me, i needed jack .
I was almost free when a strong but gentle hand grabbed my shoulder ."ya ....im...ma" the voiced said breathlessly . he had literally chased me down ,i had no other choice but to turn .
he made the mistake of letting my shoulder go i ran again or at least tried to .
he grabbed me again but this time he spun me around. I was face to face with him ,he chased me down ,he was gonna treat me just like loco had . Song Mino had found me I was dead meat my face instantly went to my shoes followed by an "i'm sorry ". i had been doing it all day it has finally become a habit.
" This is a mess where in huh noona ?" he said with a couscous chuckle , i looked up to see him smiling at me scratching his head and placing his cap back on his head .
"Noona?" he said again
" you saw the interview too?" I asked him hoping he was oblivious
" yes i saw it ,it was entertaining,which is why YG wants us both in his office.he said alittle more serious. "oh ,i guess i am really dead then " i said putting my head back down . mino grabbed me again and said don't worry ill take care of it, you used to take care of me noona ." I looked up at his carefree smile and couldn't understand what he was thinking ." you're not mad at me, you're not gonna yell at me, tell me you hate me, that you never want to see me again?!" i said half crying half yelling out of worry and shock. "no" he said the smile fading from his face "why would i were in this together ? winner dealt with that interviewer before ."
I said " wh-what!?" yg has dealt with Casey before ,how come i never knew?
his phone rang and he held it up to show me and turned ,at the same time jack walked up and said " he's ready lets go ".
I walked into yg's office as many times as i have been in it before i was never scared until now.Yang Hyun-suk was just sitting there staring at me trying to figure out the situation .I looked down and mino walked passed me he wispered " hold your head up". I looked up and sat down "yg -nim im so sorry " i said he looked at me and said "thats not the problem mino explained everything to me ,the problem is letting you two have your relationship quietly but first we need to stop them from airing the interview anyway." i looked from mino to jack and then yg "relationship"! I looked at mino again and he smiled a me and gave me a wink . he turned to yg and said " sorry i didnt bring this up sooner but i had so many schedules and i didnt know how to tell you .i sat there what did he tell him how did things turn out this way ?