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As I had mentioned in I believe part three of my "Random Kpop Shit-Posting" series, that I, would be writing imagines, texts, etc. So here are the groups and such I will be doing, feel free to leave request in the comments or in my inbox The first imagine posted will be my own idea, not a request, so you guys can see my writings. But if you guys wanna check out my non-kpop related writings, go look at my wattpad which is Zenpapi.
I'm definitely going to be accepting EXO requests. What kind of EXO-L would I be if I didn't?
I'll more than willing accept BTS requests. (Idk why but "BTS requests" kinda rhymed in my head)
THEN LASTLY I'll be accepting Seventeen request once I can get their names with their faces. The photo above should help me, if it doesn't then Idk what I'm going to do with life. I may or may not have learned Vernon's pretty damn quick... BUT ANYWHOSIES! I'll try to keep this up-to-date unlike my wattpad. Boy, am I terrible at keeping that thing on a schedule. I THINK I JUST FIGURED OUT MY NEW YEARS RESOLUTION, THAT WILL PROBABLY LAST A WHOLE TWO FLIPPING SECONDS BUT ITS WORTH A SHOT. Okay I'll shut up now. But, like I said, drop any requests in the comments or my inbox. Then I'll just leave off with this beautiful Namjoon gif.
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