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So typically I don't read manga all that much, I'm more of an avid anime watcher. I especially love romance anime (hehe don't judge) but, since I'm so proactive in my anime-watching, I hit a dead end and couldn't find any new anime to watch. I then stumbled upon Hiyokoi which only has 3 episodes made. Desperate for a new series to obsess over, I found the manga. Freaking cute. I'll admit, the height difference is a bit much but honestly I think it's adorable. The story cuts off at an odd part and I can't seem to find chapter 48. If anyone can help me find it or tell me if that was just the end, that would be greatly appreciated! I really recommended you read this if you want a cute Kimi ni Todoke-esque love story (however, I like hiyokoi more than kimi ni todoke, personally). Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy and if you have any recommendations of anime you think I would enjoy, please comment down below!
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