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Hey guys! I've been thinking that I should start doing youtube. But, not a vlogger or any of those prankers or any of that stuff. I've been thinking that I should upload photos and cool screenshots I get from episodes of Fairy Tail only. On YouTube I will upload cool parts of Fairy Tail. For example: Fights, Funny parts, openings, etc. Let me know if I should or not because I don't want to start doing YouTube if people don't like me starting or not. Anyways, let me know in the comments. If it's a no, Let me know why. If it's a yes, What should be the Channel name and why. Thank you for helping me decide. See ya!
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also by the looks of comments you'll have a lot of support from here 馃憤
@bdaman62 Thanks man. I named my channel "Natsu The Legend" because no one picked the name. I made an intro for my video. I am working on channel art. Then, I'm going to start uploading clips and episodes. I'm not going to do reviews until I reach 1k subs so I can buy a HD camera and a fast laptop to edit. I don't think it's the right time to start doing reviews. I hope all of you guys support me there. Thank you all for the positive comments. I will post a new card as soon as I finish uploading my intro and finish my channel art and everything. Thank you once again!
@bdaman62 into for my channel not video lol.
ganbatte!!!!! 馃憤馃徏
i think you should. there's so many cool things you could do! but idk a name you could do. im nit good at choosing names