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Christmas is over and 2016 is coming closer! Seeing @kpopandkimchi 's card made me want to show you guys what my resolutions are.


Now, I'm not really conscience about my body weight, but I'm worried about my health. Since I laze around the house most of the time, I think it's time for me to start getting a move on.

Learn Kpop Choreography

I want to learn a lot of choreography in 2016 to improve my knowledge on dancing and to be able to freestyle more better.

Study Korean

I've always been meaning to learn Korean for a while now, but I never put the effort. So, for 2016, I will study hard!


I've been meaning to go for like a year or so, but I never had the money. I want to be able to change that and work hard to go see my idols.

The End!

These are my resolutions! Have a great 2016 year everyone! 사랑해! ♡
I'm taking these😂😂
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@FalseLove You had the same mindset as me? 😂
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