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haha.. If I don't do this I feel like I am cheating. .anyway.. In this video there is a part I really find funny.. is when Jr. is holding Mark as they walk and Jackson comes from behind and push him away..haha just watch..
@KaylinJones aaw .. yes I noticed that part..It feels like Jackson can't be apart from him and always reaching everytime. and Mark doesn't like anyone touching but he doesn't mind if is Jackson. .have u noticed that?
fav part in this thing is when bam bam is sitting on Jackson and Jackson starts to mess with Mark and mark claims his territory by grabbing his hand and interlocking their fingers (how I saw it anyways) 😂😂😂
are you trying to give me a heart attack. like my heart is having hard time containing feels
did you notice the part where jackson touches marks ear and his face said you know that's my spot why would you do that now...
ys omg finally someone has noticed it too!!! @luna1171
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