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AHHH I LOVED THIS MANGA SO FRIGGIN MUCH!!!! I randomly stumbled upon this beauty when googling pictures of Haruka Kurebayashi (a fabulous japanese model) and I fell in love.
I've never been much of a manga reader but I couldn't stop reading this. Dengeki Daisy had the perfect balance of mystery and suspense. Learning about the past and the action that ensues is an exciting experience. I will admit that the age difference between the two shocked me and it took a bit to overcome it (every time they'd do something cute my mind was like "8 YEARS") but the manga treads with care and they don't do anything socially unacceptable (depending on your values, hehe).
Honestly, the entire story had me hooked and I completely fell in love with the characters. The plot, comedy, suspense and romance all had me in awe.
All in all; it was a fantastic manga and I am so glad I read it. I highly recommend you do the same! Kurosaki and Teru might just be replacing my all-time OTP (heh, sorry Usui and Misaki!!!). GO BALD, KUROSAKI!!!!!
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this is my favorite manga series
2 years ago·Reply
Kurosaki? is this Ichigo because this looks like rukia and Ichigo to me? I love it though
2 years ago·Reply
Haha, no, they do look similar! @BobbieStinson
2 years ago·Reply
ooohh ok gotcha @juniholtgrewe
2 years ago·Reply