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New Years Resolutions!!

So first off, this year has been great for me. More people at my school are beginning to like I guess at my school it's not really considered that weird anymore. Also...I fell in love with so many more groups including BTS, EXO, Super Junior and Red Velvet .
My first resolution is to see a Kpop concert. This has been my biggest goal ever since I fell in love with my first Kpop group, Block B! I still would like to see them and hopefully I will be able to at Kcon 2016.
My second resolution is to eat healthy and lose weight because I don't like being a little overweight. I lost a lot of my confidence because I have gained weight and now I'm ready to change that. FIGHTING to any other people who have this same goal!
My third resolution is to learn more Korean and hopefully get more merch!
I would also like to learn some BTS dances and other group dances. I currently know Crayon Pop's Bar Bar Bar dance and BTS Dope (Which I am so happy that I was able to learn it). The next one I want to learn is Boy in Luv.
I hope everyone had a good year and New Years is just around the corner! I'd like to welcome any new Kpoppers/Vinglers to the Kpop community! If you had any challenges during the year or had a tough time/issue to get over, I hope you were able to! Always stay strong and FIGHTING!
Now here are some random kpop GIFs of some of my favorite groups.
Happy early New Years!
I want to learn more dances too! That can be part of my more cardio exercise goal hahahah
@ToppDogg fighting, ohh! ✊🏻✊🏻
yesss i would love to learn more dances too
@kpopandkimchi yeah for about a month everyday when I was alone I would do all the dances I know (mainly all Orange Caramel dances) and I lost a few pounds. but then I stopped lol. Kpop dances are good to use for exercise . FIGHTING!
@GDsGF Good luck and Fighting!!πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
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