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1) I would rather break hobies heart in sry but I luv Jin to mch to dissapoint him sry hobi~ 2) I would rather re-dye tae's hair bc I get to be close to him~ I would touch chim China abs but tae is first so yea~ haha 3) I would rather fight suga bc I can't fight kookie he's j idk I j can't fight kookie 4) I would rather tell Jin he's not boring idk y 5) I would rather fight hobi I j can't fight wth my hubby taetae 6) I would rather have a dance off wth kookie bc I get to c his dance skills haha 7) I would rather give jungkooke his first hickeys haha fo my reason n Ik not tellin haha 8) I would rather punch suga I'm srry I j idk~ sry to u suga lovers I luv him to but I j can't pinch princess Jin 9) I would take away sugas sawg idk y haha 10) shave joonies head it's better thn breakin hobies bone 11) perform on stage wth chim chim bc of his abs haha jk idk I like to perform on stage so y not haha 12) the pure jungkook find my blog haha bc he would be jelly tat I talk a lot bout taetae haha so he would want me to post stuff bout him to haha 13) namjin fo sure haha bc thy r suppose to be the parents anyways so y not haha 14) jimin bc Jin to me looks innocent to me 15) go to the carnival wth v kyahhh~ I would like to cuddle wth suga but I luv my hubby tae tat I want to spend time wth him haha ohh n maybe we would kiss to jk haha I'm j cray cray now haha 16) rather take rap mon to a Kanye west concert I hate 1D so yea I would not want my kookie to listen to 1D at all 17) rather be married to kookie he's j so ugh ever since he hit purbity he's j omg!!!!! 18) rather have jimin as my personal motivator bc he can teach me how to get abs like him!!! haha 19) I would dance wth tae at 5 am wth fuzzy socks slipping over the floor in the dorm bc tae is life fo me he's my hubby~ haha ok~ their is my would chu rather fo bts haha hope u liked it comment below to let me know wat u think bii~ n I'll also make sure to tag u in tis if u want j comment below n tell me if u wanted to be tagged annyeong~ ✌️