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[tagged by @KPopGabby πŸ’œ] 2016 is just 4-5 days away!!!! This year was one of those years where almost every single group out there in K-Pop had a comeback! Lets not forget the amount of debuts! But there are some songs that managed to be in repeat once it was out to this day. Let me show you my Top 3 favorite M/Vs of 2015


Dope is the 2nd K-Pop song I ever listened to and it was the song that put the K-Pop chokehold on my life. I bought the song after the first time I watch this video and I literally listened to it on repeat the next day for eight hours straight while I was at work. I absolutely LOVE the choreography. Being a dancer, I'm instantly attracted to dancers and cool, unique and intricate choreography. It was also really awesome to find out that Keone Madrid did the choreo for this video! Keone is REALLY good friends with The Kinjaz. @Ligaya, @gabbylu13 and I talk rather frequently to The Kinjaz on Twitter and Periscope so it's cool to have that connection 😁

2) EXO - Call Me Baby

Although Growl was the first K-Pop song I ever listened to, Call Me Baby is the one that turned me onto EXO. This song is fun and catchy. I probably watch this video once a day.

3) Monsta X - Hero

I have just recently started listening to these guys but Hero caught me like Dope did. I honestly think it has something to do with the choreography. Well, that and Wonho and ShowNu are very nice to look at... And the song is just all around Dope! (See what I did there πŸ˜‚)

Although I loved other comebacks, they didn't managed to be mentioned as my TOP 3. But here are more of my fave 2015 M/Vs


I wish I could link them all, but I won't πŸ˜‚


I wish I could link them all, but I won't πŸ˜‚

Seventeen - Mansae:

I actually love the dance practice video over the actual m/v. This is the "Hide" version, also watch the "Seek" version and see if you can spot all the shenanigans.

JJCC - Where You At:

Ugh! I just love these goofballs 😍 Not so fond of Simba's cop outfit tho πŸ˜‚

Got7 - Just Right:

This one doesn't even need an explanation 😁 Fun Fact: Keone Madrid did the choreo for this video too 😁

Miss A - Only You:

Miss A is the only female idol group I've really gotten into (so far). I just really adore Min 😌

BIGBANG - Bang Bang Bang:

Oh course I couldn't make this list and leave out BIGBANG! This was the 3rd K-Pop song I ever listened to. And while I admit the first time I heard it I thought to myself "WTF IS THIS?" and then began to laugh hysterically when they started singing "bang bang bang", this has actually grown to be one of my faves
The last part is optional, but you guys can make a card or comment here, but you must mention your TOP 3 M/Vs of 2015. Going to tag people but anyone can do this: @Ligaya @gabbylu13 @Emealia @PrettieeEmm @thePinkPrincess @namjoonswife @CreeTheOtaku @KpopGaby @moonchild03 @Taehyungie @kpopandkimichi @KpopGaby @xsandos17 @SarahVanDorn @herreravanessa9 @KaiTakashima @VKookie47 @KatieRussellΒ 
nice choice
Man how did I forget Dope?!? That MV is just perfect with Rap Mon dimple Jungkook planning to kill me with his * ayo ladies and gentle man* Jimin be hurting my heart with that red hair And those hip thrurts OMG
I agree with this whole list! Another MV that I would put though is Twice's Ooh Ah
Aye~ Nice list! But I just realized that I forgot to mention GOT7 Just Right. Oh well XD
I whole heartedly agree with this