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A man broke your heart... Now its time for him to fix your heart... But your too scared... let's go!
You texted him: "Am I hopeless? Why would he cheat on me? what did I do wrong?" picture #1: He looks down at the phone. His heart drops as he feels your pain. He can't handle to see you in pain. "your worth better than him.." he whisper. picture #2: a week past by, and you won't answer his calls. your friends told him that all you do is cry. He feels hopeless. "what should I do for you.." he thought. picture #3: He remembers how much you love music. Being friends since childhood was worth it, cuz he know who's your favorite artist. "I hope you smile with this warm small gift.." he felt warm inside. But you reject ..
Taeyang had came to you and shared his feelings towards you. And he keeps trying to go to u, but you keep pushing him back. picture #1: He came to your house. He knocks and knocks on your door. But you kept quiet and still. It's raining outside , and he stands there waiting . "please come outside, don't push me away..." he shouts through the rain. But you did nothing. "my girl...." he sadly walks away. picture #2: He is stuck at the bar, thinking if he should just give you up or not. "why won't she see that I'm good for her. I want to make her so happy" he said to himself. He drinks AND drinks but its making him think more about you. "Your so special to me, girl. I want you ..." his heart speaks. picture #3: Your in his mind 24/7 He has never stopped. His heart is pounding harder and stronger than before, which hurts his chest. "I need you my girl..." his mind screamed
picture #1: He had enough. No more holding back. He is ready to step up the game and go to you and show you that he is worth it for you. "I'm coming for you my girl, and this time I won't lose.." his mind speaks. picture #2: He is getting ready to go to you. To give you that hug you need, and a shoulder to lean on. He will get you into his arms. picture #3: He knocks on your door and you won't answer. You saw him going for the flower pot, you just remembered that you always leave a spear key under the flower pot. He grabs the key and look up the window from where your looking. Strong eye contact. Now you know he is serious. picture #4: You run downstairs to get to the door before him. But.. too late. There he stands, his jacket is off.. and he stands confident in red. You've forgotten he is a friend and saw him as a man. He walks towards you. " I'll see you soon.." he said as he placed a note in your hand and left.
The note said: " meet me at your favorite restaurant @7pm.. without hesitation." picture #1: The note left you hypnotized. You go to the restaurant and noticed there was a reservation under your name. When you arrive at your table, your eyes land on him. He stands handsome and serious. He gives you the most fire looks ever. "your time is over..." he whispers to himself. picture #2: He takes you on a walk on the next night. Your heart is starting to open a little. He is being the man you wanted, the man you've been seeking. Then he looks at you and then put his head down. "Taeyang, what's going on?" picture #3: His heart is pounding harder like before. He can't catch his breath. But he realize that it has to come out. You asked again.... Then his heart explode "I want you to be mine..." he loudly spoke. Your heart stopped. All you see is a man who is weak around and loves you for who you are.
You accept his feelings and decided to be in his side. picture #1: Days past by, and He took you out to eat. The wine is strong and so is he. You enjoy seeing him, you've noticed how sexy he can be. Especially when he is drunk, even though he says he ain't. Then you got chills down your spine when you see him playing with his tongue. He is just playing to much now. "now that your mine.. I'll make sure you become mine.." he says to himself. picture #2: he calls the cab, and you go along with him to his house. A house which you love the most because of the beautiful antiques he carries inside. As he went to wash up, you look around his room; which was the first time you've been. There you see a picture of him with a whistle in his mouth. Your mind started playing games. How much you want to touch those lips of his, how you want him to look at you in a way you will melt in seconds. picture #3: You snapped yourself out of your dream and turned around. Your legs got weak and your throat got dry. There's he sits, with the look you die for. "your mine,, forever!"

Hope you enjoyed Taeyang.

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