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Hello, everyone! I'm BACK! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday, as I spent mine hanging out with my family, eating way too much food, and Googling different methods of getting Wham's 'Last Christmas' un-stuck from my head.


Anyway, I ALSO wanted to make an announcement that there's only ONE DAY LEFT in Vingle's Funny Community contest. Vingle threw together a special funny-themed prize pack just for us, so make sure you play for a chance to win!

Need a reminder of how to play?

Step One: Find the Vingle Funny Community. (Hint: It's the one that'll make you laugh. It's also where this card is published.)

Step Two: Read some cards that truly resonate with you. (The more cards, the better!)

Step Three: Respond appropriately. Does this card remind you of a story? Does this card give you any questions? Leave a comment to let them know!

Step Four: Whoever has left comments on the most cards by tomorrow gets to celebrate an epic victory and win a SPECIAL PRIZE!

So make sure to spread a lot of comment love today! Okay?!

And once again, I hope you guys all had an awesome holiday!
this awesome why didnt i know of this sooner
@MagicalChurro You still have time!
@danidee Wham...George Michael-Major flashback to simpler times😢Now I'm feelin' all Barbra Streisand. "Memories."
This is awesome and didn't even know about it