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I asked my friend if i could draw her something she tells me go right ahead but it has to be a wolf or girl so i ask her hiw bout a neko wolf she tells me no so i draw this. I send it to her after a gour of sketching erasing and sketching till i got this ( pic above). I send it to her ask if this was alright she text back ' I guess' i ask her what's wrong with it and you lnow what she tells me back ' It's not a neko wolf' I stared at the text she sent me thinking, why you fucking bitch i asked you if you wanted a damn neko wolf and you said no so i drew you this damn thing that wasn't easy to think of, but you know what i told her back. 'Bitch please it's still a neko wolf just in to different forms' she tells me she dont want it so i colored it out of anger and gonna give it to my gf for her bday
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I think I may get have lost might shit in this situation
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@sanRico. exactly why get mad over it like its not a neko wolf but a person and wolf so she shouldn't have gotten so pissed over it
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