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These boys over work themselves and as much as I appreciate it, they need a break. They need to take time for themselves. Please, trend this tag on twitter [#VacationForBTS] and try to get BigHits attention. Tae and Yoongi are already in the hospital, do you wanna push it to seeing all the boys in there too?
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Definitely agree with you 100% It still hurt to know my Yoongi bear and sweet Tae were at the hospital.. I wouldn't want any more BTS members hurt.. So I'm on board to trend this on twitter! #VacationForBTS
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I hope they do get one soon
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I agree 100%, I think we should agree as a fans on a day to make it trend on Twitter and instagram and each of us explain how much we love and want them to rest and be healthy
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I would love to see them would make me happy....yoongi and tae are precious as are the rest and they deserve it so much #VacationForBTS
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awe they all deserve one
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