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I want to start doing a song of the day here but I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in seeing that. The genre will vary but a majority will be KPop. I have been doing this on my snapchat for almost a month but I'm sure more people here will appreciate it than those on snapchat. I plan on saying the song and then letting you know: πŸ’™ why I like the song πŸ’™ how long I have been listening to the group πŸ’™ (any other suggestions would be cool) Let me know if you are willing to pay attention to my SOTD!
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You should do it! I'll definitely check it out , you can tag me too of you want <3
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@sarangseoltang Thank you for the support! I will totally tag you! πŸ’™
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@DalyRomero No problem <3 And YAY! LOL
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please tag me in them
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