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Hey guys sup this is kalyan and yeah so i am back with another awsome challange amd yeah well mine is - 1. FAIRYTAIL 2. LUCY 3. SAITAMA 4. ERZA SCARLET 5. NARUTO 6.CODE GEASS 7. SAKURA 8. ADVENTURE 9.NALU 10.NORAGAMI and until then next time guy's see ya
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1. naruto 2. Hinata Hyuga 馃槏馃挆 3. is ryuk a boy i mean i know hes a shinigami but idk if those are sexes or just bodies if not I'll pick L 4. Lucy (elfen lied) 5. Naruto 6. I haven't seen a anime I've come acrossed that was bad 7. madara itachi and sasuke 8. action 9. Sachi and Kirito 10. Death Note
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why you hatin on code geass bruh??
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@supbroscene i just don't like it and the ending was the dumbest
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@supbroscene. well tge starting was pretty cool
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