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I was given this gel eyeliner in my ipsy glam bag last month and I have to say I love it. I had never quite worn blue eyeliner but I think trying new products is always fun! The gel liner stays on and is super creamy!
My blue eyeliner selfie Got many compliments, felt fun, & it actually even made my hazel eye stand out ! I encourage you all to try something new , you may never know what you can discover about yourself !
LOVE IT. I was an ipsy subscriber for a while. I think I'm going to sign up again. It's so nice to get a surprise every month inthe mail!
If anybody is interested I encourage you to try ipsy for atleast a month . $10 is nothing compared to what we can spend on a regular makeup haul . try it out. Here's the link :
Its so fun to try new products. & I honestly love Ipsy & recommend it to everybody because $10 for monthly products is amazing. I encourahe you to sign up again . @TessStevens