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It had been several months since we had broken up and his words still hurt. “We need to break up. I’m not going to mess up my chances to follow my dream for someone I don’t love.” He had given me everything I wanted and more. He was perfect. You think that with those words that I’d just move on. No I still loved him even if he didn’t love me. When he got the chance to be an idol he took it and that was great, I just thought we would still be together. He debuted and started touring and i wanted to show support for him even if he didn’t actually see me. I got to see him in person finally after the break up. I was still working on trying to get over him, but no matter how hard I tried I was always comparing every guy to him. I would always love him, he played such a big role in my life how could he not mean anything to me. The special day came fast. I was pretty close to the stage although it wasn’t front row, it was still amazing. When he first appeared on the stage I started crying, I was so happy for him, he was making his dreams come true. He was going to be big! The whole group was going to take the world by storm. During the concert my eyes never left him. Unless he walked off the stage. Even after the concert I had started crying I was smiling still and just so happy for him. At that moment I decided several things. First was to get my act together, if I ever wanted to be with him I had to show that I was a strong woman. The second was that I wanted to support him so any concerts I could go to I would and buy merchandise as well. FWD>>>>>> It had taken me a year to get my act together and during that time I was still going to BTS concerts. At least as many as I could go to within a year. I was getting ready for the last concert I’d be able to go to, after tonight I wouldn’t have any time for concerts. Since this was going to be the last concert I could go to for a while at least I got the best tickets I could. I got front row seating, backstage pass and meeting the group. I arrived early to the venue to prepare myself. Finally the concert began and so did my new experience. The concert was amazing I mean BTS had just been getting better each time I saw them. Although most of the time I would watch only him, I had gotten to the point of not just staring at him because the others in the group were just as amazing as him. After a year and a half he still captivates me. Once the concert was over I hurried to the backstage area. I had planned that I was just going to see him say hi and just spend some time with the group, before having to leave. One of the security guards took me to BTS’s room. He knocked on the door and once it opened he left me there, I was frozen. I didn’t think it was going to be so hard to see them up close just a few inches instead of feet away. “Heeellllo!!!” Jimin said grabbing my hand and shaking it up and down. “Oh Jimin look what you did to her.” Namjoon said and laughed and I quickly realized what was happening and shook my head. “Sorry I’m (Y/N)” “Come in” Jimin said pulling me in. “You already know us but let me introduce you to the rest…..Hey guys this is (Y/N) say hi!” Namjoon said With that they all started saying hi. But there was one member missing. “Where’s Jin?” I asked “Oh you’re a Jin fan!” V said smiling “He will be here shortly he had to do something” J-hope said “Ok” I glanced around the room to look at the other members that I hadn’t said anything to yet. Jungkook was just smiling at me as I said Hi and Suga just looked like he was about to fall asleep. Finally after a little bit of talking the door opened again and I turned to see if it was Jin. When it was him I smiled. “(Y/N)” “Hi Jin” “What are you doing here?” “VIP Pass” I was on the verge of tears I was so happy seeing him this close even if he wasn’t happy to see me. “Oh… Well its nice seeing you again….” He looked away “So you guys know each other?” V asked “Um…. Yeah….we” I stopped did he want them to know this. I looked at him looking for an answer but he wouldn’t look at me. At that moment the words I was always trying to forget came flying back in. ‘I’m not going to mess up my chances to follow my dream for someone I don’t love.’ All those hurt feelings came back. Seeing how he really felt right in front of my face was too much. I shouldn’t have done more than attend the concert. I felt so stupid. The tears that I had held back of joy had turned to tears of sadness. Before I could do much about it a few tears started falling. “Excuse me…. I need the bathroom.” I said and ran out the door. Once I was in the hall running towards the bathroom I started crying harder, they wouldn’t stop. What was I doing he didn’t love me! Why was I hoping that he still did love me? He even said he didn’t love me when he broke up with me. I’m so stupid. Once I got in the bathroom I tried to stop the tears. It took me a few minutes to stop them but finally they were gone. I put water on my face to wipe the dried tears away. Then I walked out of the bathroom and there was Jin leaning against the wall across from the bathroom. “(Y/N)” “I’m Sorry it was stupid of me to come here. I’m a big fan though. So I wish you the best and congrats on making your dreams happen.” “(Y/N) I’m not mad that you came, I’m just a little shocked is all.” “Well that’s good….but I still am stupid for thinking what I had thought.” “What was that.” he seriously seemed interested in what I was thinking. “Don’t worry about it, it was nothing.” “Are you dating anyone?” “No after you no one could get my heart. No one could live up to you….. Jin I have been supporting you…. The only way that I knew how and that was going to your concerts and buying merchandise. This was the best I could do, I wanted to see you in person one last time since this was the last concert I could go to. I will always support you even if you don’t love me.” I started to walk away but realized this was my last chance to let him know how I was feeling. I turned back to face him. “I’ll be wishing for you forever.” I turned and walked down the hall. I finally had said what I needed to say. I didn’t get too far before Jin’s arms were around me hugging me. “(Y/N)” “Jin don’t do this….let go.” I couldn’t stop my heart from beating fast. He had that effect on me. “(Y/N) I’ve always loved you! I broke up with you and said I didn’t love you because I thought it would make things easier. I was going to be too busy for you and didn’t want you suffering because of me. I hated hurting you. I always wanted to call you and talk to you but I figured you had moved on. I never want to feel the way I felt leaving you behind like that. Please will you come back to me?” All the words I wanted to hear had come out of his mouth. I was so happy. I turned around to face him but he kept his arms around me keeping me in that hug. Our faces were so close now. I blushed a little. “But what makes now any different from before?” I asked “I love you and I want you in my life forever! I’m not as stupid as I was a year and a half ago. I’ve been given the best thing I could ask for. You showed up today, you came back into my life and I will not let you go another time. Please (Y/N)” “You’re serious?” I was making sure he wasn’t joking, since this is what I’ve wanted since the day we broke up. “Yes! (Y/N) will you be my girlfriend again?” “YES! Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes! I said excitedly and then he kissed me. After we broke apart he grabbed my hand and intertwined out fingers. “Let’s go tell the guys about us.” He said smiling. I finally got the love of my life back and I never wanted to let him go again!
omfg feels overloaded (hes NJot even my bias smh) ermagawd!!!
Jin how dare you try to leave in the first place >:( lol
them feels!! they hurt me!!!
Love it 😊😊😊
awe curw. I'm glad you got the girl bavk
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