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??? *sigh* It all started with 7 year old me when my mother meet a man, she was happy that she found someone to love and hold and someone to take care of me and show me how to be a real man but let me tell you I don't trust that man I never did everything my father taught me was to "observe and watch your back" I still remember those words to this day the last words he said before he disappeared. "mingi " the nickname my mom made for me "meet your new father" the words of my mother eco in my ears as she tell me I look up to see the tall old man with black hair and brown eyes in a all black suit, "hey little guy I'm your new dad where gonna have fun,come on let's go to you new home" the man said to me I was picked up by my mother as she strapped me in the car the man got in the front seat of the brand new car and asked me "mingi you like it? I just bought it today maybe I give you one someday...ani I'll buy you one you may never know when you need to get rid of old news" he said in a deep husky voice and chuckles. As we start to drive on the dark roads of the night I look outside to see the moon and thought to myself "dad why am I going through this where did you go I thought we where happy?" I keep thinking until I felt the car slowly stop looking to the front of me my mom asked the man "yeobo what's wrong?" he then said "nothing I will fix it in a second" he told her "just you wait little guy I will fix this problem and we can go play soon okay?" he looked at me with his eyes cold untruthful... something felt wrong..and I could sense it. He got out the car and started to open up the Hood and trunk to see what's wrong I look to see my mother tired from the day we had ever since she got married 6 months ago even then my mother seemed tired unable to respond quickly unable too be like she used to this had something to do with the man something was definitely wrong I reach out to my mom and called her "Omma gwenchana" she looked to see my face she describe as a "angel" and responded "어~ gwenchana, don't worry mingi-ah we will have a good life ok don't worry" she said patting my hands "Yeobo ~ can you come help me" I hear the man call her out "I'll be right back mingi saranghae don't worry"she said as she got out the car she walked behind the car and then I heard *boom* *boom* ahhh I hear the shrieking of a woman I unbuckled my seat and got out the car ran to the back of the car and saw my mother on the floor blood all around her "what is this" I yelled out loud "hahahah.... hey little guy" the man aid as he looked at my mother pleased at the way she is "omma!!" I yelled and ran to my mother "min...mi..mingi..ah" blood splured out the more she talked "omma!!" I looked at my mother "mingi-ah 0....0..9..4.1" she said with her breathing getting worse "omma stop telling me numbers and get up" I yelled "hahahhahaahah" the laughs of the man keep ringing in my ears as she said again "0...0..9..4..1 remember that okay mingi.... re....mem..... ber" as I heard her last breath give out "OMMA!!". *clink* everything went black the last thing I remember was 00941 the numbers of which someone gave me why do I only remember useless stuff why dose my head hurt when I try to remember the memories. I don't know but I don't want to find out.
15 years later Ah~ good morning world.