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Currently right now ARMY's are now included in a war.
This basically what is going on. My friend told that 5sosfam are bashing on us when we tired using memes to calm things down.
That what's going on right now..
Not only are they including more fandoms like EXO-L it's even treanding.
I hope this ends soon! ARMY FIGHTING!
Oh well this sucks Bc I'm in all these fandoms but Fifth Harmony's (I actually can't stand them).... So I'm just gonna hide in a corner until it's over. I hate drama 馃槶
*hides under a rock*please call me when its over already bummed out with everything else that is happening...no more drama in this Armys life
@FalseLove @staceyholley in a way things are kinda calming down but I still have a lot notifications to check through Intsagram
people always have stuff to say about the kpop fandom, first it was/is 1D fans now these guys馃槕馃槖馃槧 they just know we're better then them lol
This was so stressful because I'm in all of the fandoms that were included in this thing and I was like can't we all just be friends why must we fight
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