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Today I decided to read Gwenpool's first issues and it's an Christmas edition. We pretty much start our Gwenpool story with storyline's of other characters if that makes sense at all. We first encounter She Hulk in the beginning of the story and everything is holiday themed and there are some good jokes.
I'm going to tell you right off the bat that I find the animation in this comic very rough. If you take a look at the shot I took above, you can agree or agree to disagree . It's like, I know that is She Hulk but come on guys. Lol
Ms Kahn the new Ms. Marvel shakes things up a bit. With out too many spoilers, she has to buy a Christmas present, her family have different traditions, she wants to go to a party, she fights bad guys and loves the original Ms. Marvel. Deadpool and Hawkeye are together so you know that their part is already funny! Those guys play well off each other and that's another thing I believe you will most definitely enjoy. Photo above Deadpool being Deadpool, Hawkeye raging on in the back and the female Hawkeye relaxed. Love it, hate the animation again. So most people are probably wondering, like myself when am I going to "run into" or in this case talk about Gwenpool.. I'm already in to the comic by 30 pages and no Gwenpool yet
Lol no one is a Deadpool fan but he did some good deeds in the comic book in his own way!
Finally, I see some Gwenpool! But I see too much lol, I really would like some pants on her or something. I don't care about the Pink and White, just Chica... Follow Lady Deadpool.. She has pants Gwenpool's character... She is poolish and she is a Merc. However, I would not call her a flat out Merc with a Mouth. She is like that nonchalant teen girl that's like "K, I'm going to kill Bill byeeee" ::tosses pink glitter ::
The animation did get better in Gwenpool's part of the issue but I absolutely love what the snake guy said. Check it out above. Also, you notice Gwenpool has pink bubbles when she talks vs Deadpool and the yellow boxes and Evil Deadpool with the black boxes. I finished the issue, and I'm on the fence if Gwenpool is a character I would follow like Deadpool. She is apart of the pool family so I would give her another chance when she and or her next comic appears. Do I think her character is a fad? Yes. But that does not mean she won't get her shine. But I'm not screaming Gwenpool power!!! Would you like to read Gwenpool Merc's? Leave it in the comments below! If you want to be tagged In the Mercs with mouths group leave it in the comments below. Merc's like to make friends, gives us more of a reason to use Duct tape Stay Frisky ♥ L A Von Dangerous ♥ Ms. Deadpool Wilson
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Can't wait!!
It has been posted lol tomorrow I will color her up XP
@MichaelOgg great let me look
I tagged you so you should see it soon XP
To be fair to who wants to read Gwenpool's holiday entry http://www.vingle.net/posts/1310461?shsrc=v