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We always act differently depending on how well we know a person, and it's always so funny to think back on how relationships developed.
For example, my best friend and I first knew each other as the other girl on the plane that might be on my study abroad program (but of course we didn't talk to each other cause, ew) and now we talk non-stop (seriously, we're annoying).
Buzzfeed just put out a funny video that shows 16 strange, tiny milestones in a relationship and I can relate to every single one!
My roommate (the previously mentioned best friend) and I are in the current "we are NOT getting a dog" stage of our relationship hahaha

There are plenty of others too!

Like helping yourself to food in their kitchen all the time, or being Facebook friends with their mom, or knowing everything about their childhood dog - seriously, everything.

What are your favorite "relationship milestones" for friends or romantic partners?

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Haha I saw this. The first thing I thought of was farting in front of your partner. I'm gross
2 years ago·Reply
Sharing deodorant is yucky
2 years ago·Reply
that's hilarious it should be with close friends too cuz close friends know some weird ass habits and do some weird ass shit once y'all Hella close
2 years ago·Reply
That's awesome! n little ew!
2 years ago·Reply
Every 1...and seriously Every 1 of 16 I could relate SPOT ON
2 years ago·Reply