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Thanks to @brangtan for the idea to get #VacationForBTS trending on twitter. After today's event with Min Yoongi and Kim Taehyung. BTS deserves some time off after ALL the hard work they have put off this year.
As much as I love to see their appearances on TV Shows, or their performances. I would much rather have them safe, healthy, and resting at home
This group of boys have touched my soul with their wonderful lyrics in all of their amazing songs. I truly care about them from the bottom of my heart. And i want nothing but the best for them.
So my fellow vingle family/ARMY let's get this trending in hopes that BigHit entertainment will listen to our voices and does something for our beloved boys.
@sarangseoltang Yes! 2 albums releases, one world tour, and various tv shows in just one year. They definitely deserve a vacation
Yes They a have already released another amazing album. Have been on some variety shows like weekly idol and infinity challenge , I'm almost postive they need a rest. Their health is most important , #VacationForBTS
Yah they definitely need a vacation!!
awe they already...have released a statement about when the break will happen