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( Sorry I am obsessed with this song.) But seriously Jinyoung can you stop being so adorable.
I mean who wouldn't fall for him .
I can't even with them anymore they are such bias wreckers. .
Then when you add Mark and Jackson into the mix it's just a overload of feels. Then you will find yourself falling even deeper in love with them.
Then you will feel this way. But it happens to the best of us so don't feel down just accept the fact you fell even harder than you planed to!
I totally agree.. they are all like so so handsome. .all of them..lol
@luna1171 Exactly! That's why it's so hard to pick a bias and the moment you do one of them completely wrecks it leaving you back at square one. Even though Markson is #1 in my heart for got7. ... Got7 is a group of bias wreckers. lol
He is so handsome... well the thing is that in GOT7 they are all extremely handsome. .and like sometimes don't know which one you like the most..hahaah..what a dilemma. .